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Why You Really Should Have a BAA if you Have a VoIP Plan for U.S. Medical Interpretation


If you are an interpreter providing medical interpretation services via phone (OPI) as a contractor for U.S. healthcare clients and the interpreting agency or company you are interpreting for says you have to have your own phone line to take calls, you may need to have an agreement in place to protect you from legal liability called a Business Associate Agreement or BAA. Specifically, if you are...

What to do if an interpreting agency is paying you late, or not at all


I never would have imagined when I started my career as a medical interpreter that I would be writing an article with a title like this, but here I am. It wasn’t too long after I began my career that I became acutely aware of scams in the translation world, such as the classic, “Oops, we overpaid you!” bait and switch. But truthfully, in the beginning I didn’t believe...

Where Can I Get a QR Code for my COVID-19 Vaccine Record?


As some of you may know, I’m an active member of many Facebook groups for interpreters and translators. I recently posted about how I meet my agencies’ requirement as a freelance medical interpreter for having my vaccine record on my person at all times during assignments in healthcare facilities. My state of Virginia now has an option to generate a QR code for your COVID-19...

Consecutive Interpreting Practice (EN): Interpreting Tone of Voice


One thing I always try to impart to my medical interpreting students is: as medical interpreters, it is important for us not only to interpret what is said, but also how it is said. Tone and inflection can completely change the meaning of an utterance, so interpreting tone incorrectly can negatively impact communication in an interpreted encounter. This is why I created this short video for...

Consecutive Interpreting Practice: COVID-19 Screening (EN<>EN and EN<>ES)


My next free consecutive interpreting/notetaking practice video is about a man and his family being screened for COVID-19 symptoms before entering the building where he has an appointment. This is now an all-too-common scenario at in-person appointments, so I have posted both a version in English/English (EN<>EN) and a version in English/Spanish (EN<>ES).  For more videos like these, stay...

Sitting at My Desk Was Uncomfortable... Until I Got These.

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KGH Interpretation Spanish-English Medical & Mental Health Interpretation

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