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Consecutive Interpreting Practice: Cat Bite (EN<>EN)


I’ve finally resolved the software issue preventing me from recording more practice videos!  My next script is entitled “Cat Bite” and, you guessed it, is about a patient who was bitten by a cat.  Below you will find the video, as well as the complete script below it.  For more videos like these, stay tuned to my YouTube channel.  I will also be posting additional patron-only videos on my Patreon, as well as interesting and educational discussion videos.

Please note: starting in 2021 I will not be producing any more materials for my Patreon. Instead I will be gradually moving my practice materials to and creating medical interpreter educational and practice materials there. Be sure to join! For a run-down of InterpreMed’s amazing features, check out this blog post!

Script: Cat Bite

Sam (PA): Oh, hi! I wasn’t expecting two patients. How are you both doing today? My name’s Sam and I’m a physician assistant here.

Maria: Physician’s assistant? So you’re like a nurse? We came here to see a doctor.

Sam (PA): No, I’m not a nurse. A physician assistant works under the supervision of a medical doctor, but I still examine patients, diagnose, develop treatment plans, and do a lot of other things doctors do.

Maria: Oh, ok. I just want to make sure my husband gets taken care of. He didn’t think this was dangerous, but I know just how dangerous cat bites can be.

Jorge: Stop making a mountain out of a molehill, Maria. I washed my hand out with warm soap and water and put antibiotic ointment on it. It’ll be fine, right?

Sam (PA): Your wife makes a good point, sir. I’m sorry, what’s your name? I see your wife’s name is Maria.

Jorge: Jorge Martinez. Nice to meet you, doctor– I mean, Sam.

Sam (PA): Mr. Martinez, can I call you Jorge? Is that ok?

Jorge: Of course you can call me Jorge. No need to be so serious.

Sam (PA): Ok Jorge. So cats have very dirty mouths, and very sharp teeth. In fact, their teeth are like needles that can very easily puncture flesh down to the bone, basically giving you an injection of nasty bacteria.

Maria: See, Jorge? I told you this was serious. You didn’t believe me. But Mr. Urrutia was bitten by his cat and had to go to the hospital! They had to do surgery on his foot and his wife told me they thought he was going to lose it.

Jorge: Maria, calm down. Ruby didn’t even bite me that hard. She was only playing.

Sam (PA): Would you let me see your hand, Jorge? When did Ruby bite you?

Jorge: About three hours ago. She was lying in my lap on the couch and all of a sudden she decided to attack my hand as I was petting her.

Sam (PA): So Ruby is your cat?

Jorge: Ruby is my daughter’s cat. She’s home from college right now and brought the cat over from her apartment.

Sam (PA): Is Ruby an indoor cat or an outdoor cat?

Maria: Oh no, Ruby always stays indoors. The Urrutia’s other cat was hit by a car and died a few months ago. It’s too dangerous to let your pets outside!

Sam (PA): Well that’s good. Jorge, the bite isn’t very deep, but cats have all sorts of dirty bacteria living in their mouths. I’m going to prescribe you a course of antibiotics just to be safe.

Jorge: Antibiotics? Do I have an infection?

Sam (PA): I don’t think so, but with cat bites it’s better to play it safe than sorry. If at any point your hand becomes red, swollen, and hot to the touch, I recommend you go to the emergency room and they may need to start you on IV antibiotics.

Maria: Oh my god. Is he going to be okay?

Sam (PA): Don’t worry, ma’am. I don’t think that will happen, but I want you both to be prepared just in case. Jorge, I’m prescribing you five days of antibiotics that you need to take twice a day.

Jorge: Twice a day?! I don’t take pills like that. Don’t you think this is too much?

Sam (PA): Jorge, if you develop an infection in your hand, it can get very bad, very quickly. People have lost fingers and hands due to untreated cat bites before.

Maria: Jorge, listen to the man! How can you work if you lose a hand?

Jorge: Maria, I’m not going to lose my hand. I don’t know why you have to be so dramatic.

Maria: You’re right, you’re not going to lose your hand because you’re going to take these antibiotics. We’ll go to Wal-Mart after this and pick up your prescription.

Sam (PA): Well Jorge, it sounds like Maria’s got this all figured out. Can I count on you to take the medication as it’s prescribed until you finish the bottle?

Jorge: Ok, but only because you’re telling me to, not because my wife is forcing me to.

Sam (PA): Sounds like a plan. I’ll go get your prescription printed for you!

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Kelly (Grzech) Henriquez

I am a Certified Medical/Healthcare Interpreter (CMI-Spanish, CHI-Spanish) and a medical interpreter trainer. I work as an independent contractor in the greater Richmond, Virginia area as a Spanish-English medical interpreter. Click here to read more about me.

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