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Consecutive Interpreting Practice: Misgendered Mammogram (EN<>EN)


I’ve decided to start posting consecutive interpretation and note-taking practice videos on my newly created YouTube channel.  Recently, I’ve had to do a lot of over-the-phone assessments and have had to do something called “shadowing.”  Shadowing is basically like consecutive interpretation, but instead of interpreting, you simple repeat what is said, exactly as it was said.  Oddly enough, I had zero issues with interpreting, but it was the verbatim repetition that was quite foreign to me!

I was in search of videos like these on YouTube, but it turns out there aren’t very many.  Practicing by yourself is quite difficult and unfortunately my husband is a chronic mumbler, so having him read off a script wasn’t a good option.  While I likely won’t be able to use these videos myself, I’m hearing from a lot of interpreters right now that they’re out of work and feel the need to practice.  I’ve started with entirely English videos (audio with text cues for who is speaking) so that interpreters of all languages could benefit.  At the behest of an ASL interpreter, I will also shortly be adding subtitles to my first video.

Below you will find the first video I created, entitled Misgendered Mammogram, as well as the complete script below it.  I hope you find it helpful!  Also, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel as I will be attempting to post two videos like these a week for the forseeable future.  I’m also planning on releasing a discussion video for this first script, but will likely have further discussion videos available to my Patreon subscribers.

Script: Misgendered Mammogram

Dr. Smith: Good morning, Mrs. Lopez, nice to meet you! Thank you for your patience. We’ve been very busy today. How are you?

Noah: I’m doing well, Dr. Smith. I actually go by Noah and my pronouns are he/him.

Dr. Smith: Oh Noah, I’m sorry for the mistake. Your gender must have been recorded incorrectly in the system. I can change it from my laptop right now.

Noah: That would be great. Is there an option for nonbinary?

Dr. Smith: Unfortunately there isn’t. Our options are male, female, and other. What would you like me to put?

Noah: Other, please. I’m nonbinary and some offices don’t even offer options outside of male or female. Will this prevent me from getting certain healthcare services?

Dr. Smith: I’m not sure. You should probably check with your insurance company. We can always change it if it causes problems.

Noah: Sounds good. I’ll change it for now and let you know if any problems come up. I actually had a friend recommend your office because I’m having an issue that other doctors just aren’t taken seriously.

Dr. Smith: Got it. I’ve changed your gender in our system. I’m glad your friend recommended us to you, but I’m sad to hear other doctors aren’t taking your issues seriously. What is the problem you’re having?

Noah: Well Dr. Smith, I have a family history of breast cancer and I’m 42. I know I should be getting a routine mammogram every year, but my old doctor wouldn’t order one for me.

Dr. Smith: I’m so sorry, Noah. That’s incredibly frustrating. Really, it’s not right. Every doctor should take every patient’s health seriously. Let me ask you something: do you do monthly breast self-exams?

Noah: Yes, I make sure to do them every month right after I finish my period. Right after I get out of the shower, I do a breast exam before getting dressed.

Dr. Smith: It sounds like you’re doing a great job. All that we need to do is place an order for a mammogram, which is pretty straightforward. I’d be happy to do that for you.

Noah: Thank you so much, doctor. I’ve been fighting for this for two years. Even though no one in my family has died of breast cancer, I’m still scared. I’d really rather just get rid of these things, but I can’t afford top surgery right now.

Dr. Smith: My job is to take care of you, so I’m just doing my job! Just because you haven’t personally experienced a loss because of breast cancer doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to be scared. Your feelings are valid.

Noah: Thank you, doctor. I really appreciate it.

Dr. Smith: You’re welcome! As far as top surgery is concerned, I actually know of a local nonprofit that can assist with the cost of the procedure. Would you like their information?

Noah: Really? I had no idea. That would be wonderful.

Dr. Smith: Of course! When you go to make your follow-up appointment, the front office will have more information about your mammogram and the organization waiting for you. I’ve already sent the information to them. Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Noah: No, Dr. Smith. I’m grateful that you’ve listened to me and taken me seriously. Sometimes I feel like I’m being ignored.

Dr. Smith: Noah, no one in healthcare worth their salt should make you feel that way. You’re probably getting tired of hearing this, but I’m sorry about the way other doctors have treated you. You don’t deserve it.

Noah: I appreciate that. Out of curiosity, when do I have to come back for my mammogram results?

Dr. Smith: The hospital will send you a letter in the mail with the results and you’ll receive a call from us or the hospital if any additional testing is needed.

Noah: Sounds good. Thank you for your help, Dr. Smith.

Dr. Smith: You’re welcome. It was a pleasure meeting you, Noah.

Noah: Likewise. Take care and have a good day!

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Kelly (Grzech) Henriquez

Kelly is a Certified Medical/Healthcare Interpreter (CMI-Spanish, CHI-Spanish) and a medical interpreter trainer. She work as an independent contractor in the greater Richmond, Virginia area as a Spanish-English medical and mental health interpreter. Her passions include affirming interpretation for sexual and gender diverse populations, supporting interpreter mental health, and interpreting developmental-behavioral pediatrics.

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KGH Interpretation Spanish-English Medical & Mental Health Interpretation

Kelly (Grzech) Henriquez

I am a Certified Medical/Healthcare Interpreter (CMI-Spanish, CHI-Spanish) and a medical interpreter trainer. I work as an independent contractor in the greater Richmond, Virginia area as a Spanish-English medical interpreter. Click here to read more about me.

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