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What is the difference between an interpreter and a translator?


An interpreter interprets spoken words, whereas a translator translates written words. This distinction is important because if you are seeking out services for your patient, you’ll get an entirely different skillset from a translator than you would from an interpreter! That being said, interpreters should be versed in translation, but likely will not be to the extent of a professional...

What is the difference between consecutive and simultaneous interpretation?


Consecutive interpretation is the preferred mode of interpretation in most healthcare settings. It involves the interpreter listening to, and often taking notes during, an utterance, then interpreting what was said. Utterances should be kept to a maximum of a few sentences. This gives the interpreter an opportunity to process what is being said and render an accurate and complete interpretation...

Where can I find your phone number?


For a number of reasons, I do not share my phone number on my website. Rest easy! Being a contract interpreter requires me to respond to job offer e-mails in a matter of seconds upon receipt in order to land assignments. This means I am typically very responsive to e-mails. If we need to speak by phone, or even via text message, I will provide you with my telephone number once we get in touch.

How did you learn to speak Spanish?


I divide my language-learning journey into two parts: my informal and formal education. While I did take basic Spanish in high school, it’s no surprise for me to say that I barely retained any of it. This is a common experience with many language learners! My informal Spanish education came in the form of working in food service for approximately 5 years. I worked my way up to managing...

Why do you use the term “hispanic”?


There has been an ongoing debate for years as to which term to use: hispanic, latino, or in recent years, latinx or latine. I believe this debate largely misses an important point, and that is how people self-identify. By and large the patients I interpret for refer to themselves as “hispano” or “hispana,” which corresponds with the English equivalent “hispanic...

Why didn’t the interpreter answer my questions when they were interpreting?


While in any other setting I’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, if I am interpreting for a patient, my focus is on interpretation. Part of the medical interpreting codes of ethics is accuracy, which includes completeness. This means any utterance that occurs in the presence of the patient must be interpreted. This ensures transparency and fosters trust between the...

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KGH Interpretation Spanish-English Medical & Mental Health Interpretation

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I am a Certified Medical/Healthcare Interpreter (CMI-Spanish, CHI-Spanish) and a medical interpreter trainer. I work as an independent contractor in the greater Richmond, Virginia area as a Spanish-English medical interpreter. Click here to read more about me.

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