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Interpreting Inclusive Language Digital Workbook

All backers have access to my Interpreting Inclusive Language digital workbook, which includes the slides from the presentation. As of August 22, 2022, backers also have access to my presentation on Interpreting Inclusive Language from the Innovation in Interpreting Summit as well!


🕵️ I Want to Say “I Interpret Spanish” in ASL!
🕵️ Interpreter Talking to the Person with LEP?
🕵️ How 1-Hour Minimums Harm Patients
🕵️ On Dual-Role Interpreters
🕵️ Nothing is Forever & That’s Okay
🕵️ My “Rule of Threes” & How It Preserves my Sanity During Interjections
🕵️ First Impressions of the AAITE Code of Ethics for Educational Interpreters!
🕵️ My Handy Dandy Padfolio
🕵️ SNEAK PEEK: Rough Draft of AI Video Pt. 1
🕵️ Alone in the Room with a Patient?
🕵️ The Tricky Business of Contracts
🕵️ Making the Most of Cancellations
🕵️ On Asking for Help
🕵️ Bad Apples & A Low Bar
🏅 Interpreting Inclusive Language – Innovation in Interpreting Summit Presentation
🕵️ Transparency is NOT a U.S. Medical Interpretation Ethical Principle!

Consecutive Interpreting Practice Videos

🕵️ Not-So-Routine Mammogram (EN to EN)
🕵️ Infected Piercing (EN to EN)
🕵️ Birth Control Consult (EN to EN)
🕵️ Blue Nevus (EN to EN)
🕵️ LGSIL (EN to EN)
🕵️ Health Insurance Appeal (EN to EN)
🕵️ Tentative Tetanus (EN to EN)


❤️ Organized U.S. Medical Interpreter Certification Info: Part 2 (tons of links to resources)
❤️ Organized U.S. Medical Interpreter Certification Info: Part 1 (tons of links to resources)
❤️ New Downloadable Resource for Supporters! (PDF of Medical Acronyms & Abbreviations)
❤️ Burnout: A Cautionary Tale
❤️ Rapport & Ethics when Interpreting for Children
❤️ How I Use Toggl to Unapologetically Assert My Value (with screenshots)
❤️ Upcoming Webinars & Classes (So many!) (slides from my workshops)
❤️ Interpreting for a provider who is a family member
❤️ “How Do You Do So Much?!” Productivity Tools Make My World Go Around (with screenshots)
❤️ Catching Up on Certification Credentials and Requirements!
❤️ Peer Support Group: Questions and Answers
❤️ Update on WIP: AI & Medical Interpreting (with images)
🆓 Why I Spend So Much Time Creating Content (with images)
❤️ My Friday: The Deaf & hard of Hearing Experiences in Healthcare Summit (with images)
❤️ On migraines and my first time interpreting (with images and links, including podcast)
❤️ Currently Working On: Everything! (with images and links)
❤️ The Story Behind My YouTube Channel (with images)
❤️ A Tale of Two Websites (with images)
❤️ Reconciling Ethics with a Customer Service Mentality (with images)
❤️ Huge Work in Progress: will AI replace medical interpreters? (with images)
❤️ Currently working on: Interpreting for Sexual & Gender Diversity +MORE
❤️ I have an amazing update! (with photo and video)
❤️ Behind the scenes: Tips for Interpreting FCEs (with links to resources)


❤️ My New QA Supervisor Is a Habitual Line Crosser (hint: it’s not a person!)
❤️ Currently Working on: Section 1557 presentation!

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KGH Interpretation Spanish-English Medical & Mental Health Interpretation

Kelly (Grzech) Henriquez

I am a Certified Medical/Healthcare Interpreter (CMI-Spanish, CHI-Spanish) and a medical interpreter trainer. I work as an independent contractor in the greater Richmond, Virginia area as a Spanish-English medical interpreter. Click here to read more about me.

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