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Remote Interpreter Self Care Series


For ease of sharing, I’ve decided to make this page with links to all six parts of the remote interpreter self care series!  Over the past few months, many interpreters have had to adjust to a new normal: remote interpreting. This would normally be a stressful adjustment, but during the pandemic, it can be even moreso. How can we mitigate any anxiety we may have as remote interpreters?

In this first article, I go over reference materials. Not being prepared can be a huge source of stress. There will always be an instance in which you don’t know a term, or even if you do know it, that word or phrase might be sticking on the tip of your tongue!

You can be an excellent interpreter but get caught up in all the intricacies of different operating procedures with each interpreting agency you work for. Managing all these difference elements can be tough, which is why I recommend call flow charts.

It can be anxiety-inducing to not only wonder how much time you’ve interpreted remotely in any given day, but also to wonder if your agencies are properly tracking your time. This article goes over a few different options for time-tracking for remote interpreters!

Many default ringtones are deafening and can be startling. What sort of impact can this have on phone and video interpreters? In this article, I take a look at stress, the fight-or-flight response, and give instructions on how to manage disruptive ringtones.

Many of us are working from less than ideal, improvised office spaces as a result of COVID-19. What sort of effects can this have on our stress/anxiety levels, and how can we make the best of the current situation?

I go over a bunch of different strategies for not only dealing with those moments where the stress and anxiety seem to overwhelm us, but also activities I recommend doing every day to mitigate stress as it builds up.

Interpreter Peer Support Group

I also decided created a Facebook group called Interpreter & Translator Peer Support Group to focus on the mental health and wellness of linguists. I’m hoping for it to be a space for fellow interpreters and translators to seek some much-needed emotional support from their peers, as well as share self-care tips. The focus of the group is not centered on professional development, but rather on how to cope with the unique mental health challenges people in our field face.

Interpreter & Translator Peer Support Group (Facebook)

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Thank you for joining me for my first multi-part article series! I don’t plan on this being the end of the discussion on interpreter self-care and mental health. This is an incredibly important topic that is unfortunately overlooked far too often, so I plan to continue posting. Be sure to subscribe to my site’s articles or follow the KGH Interpretation Facebook page to stay informed of new articles and updates. Take care!

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