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I am not only a staunch advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights in general, but also as they apply to communities that utilize the services of interpreters and translators. As such, I will continue to update this page with relevant resources!

My page on inclusive language also has a bunch of resources on gender and sexual diversity. You’ll find trainings and articles in English, as well as some of my favorite Spanish-language resources.

Queer-Friendly Interpreters & Translators

In September of 2019 I started a Facebook group called Queer-Friendly Interpreters and Translators. I’ll be blunt: the reason I felt a need to create this space was because in other groups for interpreters and translators, I’d have to scroll past quite a few uninformed or even hateful comments on any post relating to LGBTQIA+ topics. I saw the need for a community in which these sorts of questions could be asked– without all the noise, because at the end of the day we serve all people who may need our services.

We try our very best to make this space as nonjudgmental and safe as possible, recognizing that we cannot fully screen every group member, their thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, or behaviors. Please make sure to read carefully and answer all membership questions when requesting to join.

More Resources

  • Call me Latine.
    Inspired by a viral post James Lee wrote about how he self-identifies as Latine (and not Latinx), this website delves into everything Latine and gender-neutral Spanish! Versión en español disponible aquí.
  • NCIHC’s LGBTQIA Resources Page
    The National Council on Interpreting in Healthcare (NCIHC) has a fantastic page of LGBTQ resources pertaining to interpreting.

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