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These are websites and webpages I found in Spanish about mental health. These links are great resources for any Spanish interpreter who interprets in mental health to familiarize themselves with mental health terminology and topics. I have not read many of these websites in-depth, so if you do find that a page appears to be automatically translated or otherwise unsuitable for this resource page, please reach out to me!

  • APA – Centro de Apoyo (List of links)
    This is a list of links to articles by the APA that describe psychotherapy, how to find a therapist, and other general mental health information geared towards assisting patients. Searching this site in Spanish will return you a bunch of results of related (psychology-specific!) articles.
    What I Like: Searching here in Spanish will only return mental health results! A really comprehensive Spanish-language patient-centered guide on understanding psychotherapy.

  • CDC – La Salud Mental de los Niños (List of links)
    While there is a term search, it searches the entire CDC website for general health information, not specifically mental health. This page is geared towards the mental health of children, but it has a lot of links and sub-links to many mental health topics and classifications of mental health disorders.
    What I Like: Focused on children’s mental health specifically.

  • – Salud mental (List of links)
    Not a glossary, but a listing of the articles available on that are written in Spanish about a wide variety of mental health topics, including detailed articles about mental health disorders. You can search the website in Spanish, but remember it will return results from all health topics, not just mental health.
    What I Like: Detailed articles about mental health disorders.

  • Mayo Clinic – Salud mental: qué es normal y qué no (Article with links)
    Not a glossary, but at the bottom of the page below “Ver también” there are related articles about mental health topics and issues in Spanish, which are great sources for related terminology. The search function on this website will cover all health topics, but if you search a term in Spanish, it will return a BUNCH of related articles.
    What I Like: Searching a term in Spanish will return a lot of results for related articles (in Spanish).

  • NAMI – La salud mental en la comunidad latina (Article with links)
    This is not a glossary but it does provide a bunch of informative articles about different mental health topics and issues in Spanish, which are great sources for related terminology.
    What I Like: Touches on culture-specific topics. Lots of links.

  • NIH – Salud mental (List of links)
    This is a list of mental health links by category: addiction, depression, autism, and stress, followed by other general articles about mental health disorders. While the term search will cover ALL health topics, searching here will actually search across a bunch of different government websites for good articles in Spanish.
    What I Like: You can search across government websites about health topics here.

  • SanaMente (Website)
    A Spanish-language website specifically geared towards Spanish-speakers in California. While you can’t search the website, it has a BUNCH of language and culture-specific resources geared towards patient education.
    What I Like: Written by Spanish-speakers, for Spanish-speakers. Lots of patient information materials, including brochures and posters.

  • WHO (OMS) – Trastornos mentales (Article with links)
    The World Health Organization’s Spanish page on “mental disorders.” Contains some links to articles with more details about specific mental health disorders like depression, dementia, schizophrenia, and autism.
    What I Like: Reputable source with detailed articles about certain mental health disorders. Lots of statistics and more sources if you click through.

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