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For Finding Terminology Resources

Many interpreters have difficulties finding terminology resources in their non-English language, especially if it is a language of lesser diffusion.  While this guide is especially helpful for those interpreting “rarer” languages, even interpreters of more “common” languages can benefit. Finding other interpreters who speak your working languages can be an incredibly valuable terminology resource.

While I’m limited in my ability to help you find resources outside of my working languages (English and Spanish) I can suggest a bunch of really useful tools for connecting and networking with other interpreters in your working languages.  Connecting with interpreters who interpret the same languages as you is useful, but if you’re an interpreter of a language that isn’t widely spoken, they may very well be your best resource at getting some clues on where to find terminology resources!

Join Professional Communities

Medical interpreters are very active on Facebook

This links to a list of professional Facebook groups I’m a member of. Specifically for non-Spanish-speaking interpreters, Medical Interpreting and Translation Crew and U.S. Medical Interpreters are going to be most useful for connecting with others. If you don’t know any other interpreters who speak your languages, even just creating a post stating, “My name is Kelly and I interpret Nahuatl. I’m looking to connect with other Nahuatl interpreters,” is worth a shot. To be clear, I don’t interpret Nahuatl!

Linkedin - Create a Profile, Find Others

Kelly's profile linked as an example. Feel free to connect with me!

I’ve included a link to my LinkedIn profile so you can see what my profile looks like. I highly suggest creating a full profile on LinkedIn, making sure to include your working languages in your headline AND your section on languages. Your headline should also include your qualifications (upon completion of a 40-hour+ medical interpreting course “Qualified Medical Interpreter”) and your role (i.e. medical interpreter, educational interpreter, community interpreter, etc.).

If you’re really having a hard time connecting with an interpreter of one of your working languages, using LinkedIn’s search feature is super useful. For instance, searching “Nahuatl interpreter” will return a bunch of interpreters of Nahuatl. You may even be able to search “Nahuatl medical interpreter” but typically interpreters of those languages of lesser diffusion will do all sorts of interpreting. You can send someone a connection request and a message, letting them know you’re a [insert language here] interpreter trying to connect with other interpreters of your working languages. If they respond, you may be able to ask them about terminology resources! Chances are, they know how difficult those resources are to find and may be willing to help.

ProZ - for Interpreters, too!

World's largest community of translators

ProZ is like a social networking website and professional community for translators, though interpreters do sometimes use it. You can create a profile for other interpreters and translators to find OR search other people’s profiles. In addition, if you go to the top and click “Term Help > Browse Questions,” you may be able to find questions in your language. Keep in mind that not ALL languages are listed (though they do have quite a few) and it’s possible that questions related to your language may be under a related language or an umbrella category. For instance, the language Kaqchiquel doesn’t have its own category, but it appears under “Mayan Languages.”

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