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While this page is geared specifically towards interpreter self-care, many of these resources can be used by anyone interested in engaging in self-care! But what is self-care?

Self-care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. Although it’s a simple concept in theory, it’s something we very often overlook.

Raphailia Michael, MA

The above definition is from a very informative article on PsychCentral entitled “What Self-Care Is — and What It Isn’t.” Oftentimes when we think of self-care, we think of things like bubble baths, facials, and massages, but the fact is self-care can be as simple as remembering to take a deep breath. Self-care doesn’t have to be expensive!

Demand-Control Schema (Facebook Page | Textbook & Brochure)
In Subject to Interpretation’s podcast with Andrea Henry on Interpreter Mental Fatigue, Andrea discusses her work based on the Demand Control Schema. The Demand Control Schema (D-C Theory) really drills down to “the nature of demands and controls in the interpreting profession.” These demands fall into four categories: environmental demands, interpersonal demands, paralinguistic demands, and intrapersonal demands. Controls are anything the interpreter can bring to the situation to manage demands, whether they be decisions, skills, or other resources. Ultimately, the D-C Theory is a guiding resource for interpreters to engage in self-reflection and be mindful of the demands their role places on them, as well as develop skills to effectively manage these demands.

Interpreter & Translator Peer Support Group
This Facebook group is specifically geared towards the mental health and wellness of linguists. Interpreters and translators face a unique set of challenges that can affect our mental health. Oftentimes, support networks for language professionals are nonexistent or only focus on professional development. We will focus on self care and peer support.

Remote Interpreter Self Care 6-Part Series
For ease of sharing, I’ve decided to make this page with links to all six parts of the remote interpreter self care series! Over the past few months, many interpreters have had to adjust to a new normal: remote interpreting. This would normally be a stressful adjustment, but during the pandemic, it can be even moreso. How can we mitigate any anxiety we may have as remote interpreters?

Self-Love Rainbow (formerly Blessing Manifesting)
A member of Interpreter & Translator Peer Support Group shared this amazing resource with me and it’s become one of my favorite sources for self-care inspiration. It has a lot of amazing free material, as well as paid content, across social media platforms about self-care and mental health. “Encouraging you to love yourself and practice self-care.”

The Art of Self-Care for Interpreters: Exploring Strategies with Gabriela Bocanete on the Brand the Interpreter podcast with Mireya Pérez
“What if there was a way to overcome the grueling challenges faced by interpreters and emerge from each assignment with energy to spare? That’s exactly what we’re exploring in today’s episode with our special guest, Gabriela Bocanete. A veteran conference interpreter, trainer extraordinaire, and health coach, Gabriela is here to share a wealth of self-care strategies for interpreters. Her practical advice ranges from the importance of breaks and fresh air to ward off fatigue, to mental and emotional preparation techniques that ensure you’re in the best shape to take on your assignment.”

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