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I love not only sharing, but creating resources
for interpreters and translators alike!

You’ll find a wide array of resources under the “Resources” tab on my website, as well as on my YouTube channel, in the online communities for interpreters and translators that I run, and more. However, as the time I dedicate to providing these resources increases, so too do the costs associated with providing these resources (e.g., time & labor, web hosting, subscriptions). To put it plainly: free resources aren’t really free!

What do you mean by 'free resources aren't really free?'

I spend, on average, dozens of hours every month curating and creating free resources, managing the free online communities I admin/moderate, and providing support to other interpreters. This time investment, for which I am not compensated, continues to grow.

I currently pay for Zoom, Notion, Mentimeter, and other products & services that I use primarily to support the creation and curation of free resources and spaces for interpreters and translators. Thankfully some of the organizations I work with have provided me access to some subscriptions I was previously paying for myself.

How Can I Help?

For many people, the quickest and easiest way to help may be to make a monetary contribution. I completely understand if this is not feasible for everyone, which is why I’ve also created a list of tasks that I could use help with instead, which can be found below. But, if you are able to contribute, no matter the amount, any little bit helps!

I have so many ideas and plans for contributing to the T&I community! However, at the moment, the amount of time and money I invest into these resources is simply unsustainable… without your help.

Kelly’s Ko-Fi

Ko-Fi is like a cross between a virtual tip jar and a social media profile. It’s the best way to provide direct compensation for the time and money I invest in the free resources I provide. You’ll also gain access to special perks if you contribute!

🆕 Contribute to a Cause

You can also contribute to one of KGH Interpretation’s initiatives directly. Think of an initiative like a project that is designed to address a particular cause. All of these initiatives are free to access and participate in, and designed to provide support to interpreters and translators.

Interpreter & Translator Peer Support Group

Originally started as a Facebook group in 2020, the Peer Support initiative is geared towards supporting the mental health & well-being of interpreters & translators. We hold live meetings, focus groups, and would love to offer free continuing education workshops!

Queer-Friendly Interpreters & Translators

This is a Facebook group I started in 2019 for interpreters and translators alike to have a space to discuss LGBTQIA+ terminology & topics. I regularly post learning resources, and want to offer free or low-cost continuing education workshops for interpreters & translators!

Volunteer Your Time

As I mentioned previously, I invest a lot of time in creating and curating free resources, hosting free events, and managing free online communities for interpreters and translators. If you are interested in giving back to the profession but don’t know where to start, consider donating your time! Here are some of the tasks associated with the initiatives listed above that I could use your help with:

  • T&I research
  • Finding resources (articles, videos)
  • Planning activities
  • Managing social media
  • Creating images
  • Writing posts & articles
  • Hosting events
  • Data entry

If you’re interested in any of the tasks I’ve listed above, or want to learn more, please reach out to me and let me know!

I also have a page with a list of tasks specific to the Interpreter & Translator Peer Support Group that you can check out.

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KGH Interpretation Spanish-English Medical & Mental Health Interpretation

Kelly (Grzech) Henriquez

I am a Certified Medical/Healthcare Interpreter (CMI-Spanish, CHI-Spanish) and a medical interpreter trainer. I work as an independent contractor in the greater Richmond, Virginia area as a Spanish-English medical interpreter. Click here to read more about me.

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