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[Choose Your Script!] Consecutive Interpreting Practice (EN to ES): Child with a Sore Throat


I have a brand new practice video format I’m excited to share with you all!  They’re called “Choose Your Own Script” in which you get to respond to real-life scenarios that will influence how the rest of your script video will play out!  I’ve already posted a “Choose Your Own Script” practice video last week on my Patreon for my patrons, but this week I’ve posted one for free on my YouTube.

Please note: starting in 2021 I will not be producing any more materials for my Patreon. Instead I will be gradually moving my practice materials to and creating medical interpreter educational and practice materials there. Be sure to join! For a run-down of InterpreMed’s amazing features, check out this blog post!

For more information on how this type of practice video works, check out this instructional video I made for both Patrons and my YouTube subscribers:

This week’s free video is entitled “Child with a Sore Throat” and is also my first public English <> Spanish practice video.  In this video, a child is being seen with his mother at his pediatrician’s office for a sore throat.

Reached the end of the video and need to make a choice?  CHOOSE YOUR OWN SCRIPT by clicking the link for an option below:

Script: Child with a Sore Throat

Doctor: Hey there, Jonathan. Mom. I understand someone’s not feeling very well today.

Mrs. Ordóñez: Sí. Pobrecito. Me dice que le duele mucho la garganta. No quiere comer ni tomar y no me permite chequear la boca para averiguar que está pasando.

Doctor: So your throat hurts, huh buddy? My nurse told me he was running a temperature, too.

Mrs. Ordóñez: Sí doctor. No tenemos termómetro en casa, pero tuve que lavar la ropa de la cama porque él estaba sudando toda la noche.

Doctor: Well, his lymph nodes are swollen, that’s for sure.

Jonatán: ¡Mamá, quiero ir para la casa!

Mrs. Ordóñez: Yo sé, mi amor. Pero tenemos que portarnos bien con el doctor. Estás enfermo y él te va a ayudar.

Doctor: Let’s take a look inside that mouth.

Jonatán: ¡No! ¡Quiero ir para la casa! ¡Mamá!

Mrs. Ordóñez: ¡Abre la boca! Si te portas bien, la recepcionista te dará una paleta.

Doctor: Thank you, Jonathan. Well, it looks like strep to me. He’s got some swollen tonsils with redness back there. We’re going to have to do a strep test to be sure.

Mrs. Ordóñez: ¿Cómo? ¿Qué tenemos que hacer?

Doctor: A strep test. It’s a little q-tip that we’re going to use to swab the back of his throat.

Mrs. Ordóñez: ¿Le va a doler?

Doctor: It shouldn’t, but it might make him a little uncomfortable. I’d suggest sitting him on your lap on the table for when we come back. Let me go grab my nurse.


Suzie: Jonatán, my favorite patient!

Mrs. Ordóñez: ¡Hola Suzie!

Suzie: Good job, mom. We have him all ready up on your lap! Ok, sweetie, let’s open our mouth.

Mrs. Ordóñez: [Inaudible]

Suzie: [Inaudible]

Option 1 (Say nothing) Script

Script: Option 1 – Say nothing.

Suzie: [Inaudible]

Mrs. Ordóñez: [Inaudible]

Suzie: [Inaudible]

Mrs. Ordóñez: [Inaudible]

Suzie: [Inaudible]

Mrs. Ordóñez: [Inaudible]

Suzie: Whew. He was fighting me!

Mrs. Ordóñez: Lo siento mucho, Suzie…

Suzie: Oh, is that a little lion? That’s so cute! Maybe you should have given it to him at the beginning of all this, mom…

Mrs. Ordóñez: Le estaba presentando el leoncito pero no me prestó atención. Le preguntó si quería su leoncito, pero no me podía oir a causa de sus gritos.

Suzie: Oh, THAT’S what you were trying to say. I guess the interpreter couldn’t hear you. He was screaming pretty loud! Well the doctor will be back shortly to give you the results, ok?

Mrs. Ordóñez: Gracias, Suzie.


Doctor: Jonathan! I hear you didn’t behave very well for that strep test. I’m glad to hear you’ve stopped crying. We don’t want to make you cry!

Mrs. Ordóñez: Lo siento, doctor. Él no durmió bien anoche.

Doctor: I know, I know. It’s ok. Well, the rapid strep results came back negative. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t have strep, though. We’ve sent off the second swab for a more thorough analysis.

Mrs. Ordóñez: ¿Y ahora?

Doctor: I’m still going to prescribe him antibiotics. Even if it’s not strep, it looks to me like he has some sort of infection, but I highly suspect it’s strep. These rapid results aren’t always the most accurate. I don’t want him to get worse before the results come back.

Mrs. Ordóñez: ¿Y cuándo recibimos los resultados?

Doctor: It’ll take a few days. Kaitlin will call you with the results and we’ll see what to do from there, okay?

Mrs. Ordóñez: Muy bien. Gracias doctor.

Doctor: Not a problem, mom. Little guy, I hope you feel better, ok?

Jonatán: Mamá, quiero una paleta.

Mrs. Ordóñez: No, mi amor. No te portaste bien.

Doctor: It’s ok, Mrs. Ordóñez. I think Jonathan can have a lollipop!

Option 2 (Switch to third person) Script

Script: Option 2 – Switch to third person.

Mrs. Ordóñez: [Inaudible]

Suzie: [Inaudible]

Mrs. Ordóñez: ¿Quieres tu leoncito? ¿Tu leoncito?

Suzie: Oh, look at that! Isn’t that a cute little lion. What’s his name, Jonatán?

Jonatán: Él se llama Leo el león.

Suzie: Leo the lion, huh? That seems very appropriate.

Mrs. Ordóñez: Sí, él está obsesionado con este león.

Suzie: Well, Jonatán, we have to be brave like Leo the lion, ok?

Jonatán: ¡Sí!

Mrs. Ordóñez: Ok mi amor, abre la boca.

Suzie: This will be really quick, ok? Ready?

Mrs. Ordóñez: ¿Estás listo, mi amor?

Suzie: All done! Yay!

Mrs. Ordóñez: ¡Hiciste un buen trabajo! Leo está MUY orgulloso de ti.

Suzie: I’m proud of you too, Jonatán. The doctor will be back in soon to give you the results, ok?

Mrs. Ordóñez: Gracias, Suzie.


Doctor: Jonathan! I heard you did such a good job!

Jonatán: Sí. ¿Me puedes dar una paleta, doctor?

Doctor: Ohoho, not so fast, buddy. We have to go over your test results. THEN you can have TWO lollipops, how’s that sound?

Jonatán: ¡¿DOS?!

Doctor: Yes, TWO. So hold on a few minutes, ok? Mom, his strep results came back positive. We’re still going to send away the culture just to be sure, but I’m going to prescribe him some antibiotics, ok?

Mrs. Ordóñez: Muy bien, doctor.

Doctor: The receptionist will call you in a few days to confirm the results. Jonatán, Leo, we’ll see you guys next time, ok?

Jonatán: ¿Cómo sabes el nombre de mi leoncito?

Doctor: Woah, Jonatán. You’re super smart! Is he always this sharp, mom?

Mrs. Ordóñez: Ay sí. Es listo para su edad.

Doctor: Well Jonathan, I’ll have you know that my nurse Suzie told me. Are those all your questions, young man?

Mrs. Ordóñez: Sí doctor, muchas gracias.

Doctor: You’re very welcome. Jonathan, feel better soon, ok?

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Kelly (Grzech) Henriquez

I am a Certified Medical/Healthcare Interpreter (CMI-Spanish, CHI-Spanish) and a medical interpreter trainer. I work as an independent contractor in the greater Richmond, Virginia area as a Spanish-English medical interpreter. Click here to read more about me.

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